quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2019

The End!

Northeast January-2 2019 and Rio de Janeiro 2019 are ending today! :(
The trips were a success and we would like to thank all the exchange students, as well as our Coordinators, Chaperone, drivers, guides and suppliers!
A special thanks to Rotary, all the families, host families, Officers and Chairmen. Thanks for the support!
Hope see you all again in South American Adventure 2019...that is coming!

#IamTerraBrasil #AventuraSulAmericana2019TerraBrasil

quarta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2019

Day 25/Dia 25 - Rio de Janeiro

Day 24/Dia 24 - Rio de Janeiro


Day 23/Dia 23 - Vitória/Rio de Janeiro

Day 22/Dia 22 - Vitória

Day 21/Dia 21 - Porto Seguro/Vitória

This morning we woke up very early at the beautiful resort we were staying at in Puerto Seguro and we went to put our luggage in the bus at 6am then eat breakfast at 6:30am. However, the staff wouldn't let us in until 7am so the majority of us slept outside of the doors in the lobby waiting for breakfast. After   eating a great continental breakfast, many people smuggled some food from the hotel in napkins to put in their backpacks for later. We had around a 11 hour bus ride today and nearly everyone just slept the entire time. We were all very exhausted from all the activities that we did the past couple of days. For lunch, we stopped at a buffet restaurant for an hour but the majority of the students just ate what they packed instead of buying the lunch. We drove for about 6 more hours after that till we got to Victoria around 8:30 and stopped for dinner. It was also buffet style in the upstairs of a local restaurant. We had to change our phone times again because we changed timezones that participated in Daylight savings time, so we lost an hour and by the time we got to the hotel it was 10:30. Then we had a meeting for awhile discussing the plans and luckily we were given a curfew of 12am because we behaved ourselves pretty good that day.

Day 20/Dia 20 - Porto Seguro

Hoje a gente acordo às 7:30 da manhã, tomou café da manhã às 8 e partiu para a praia as 8:30. A gente visitou o mercado e fez um tour pela cidade onde a gente visitou o lugar da primeira missa do Brasil e o lugar onde os portugueses moraram.
Depois de conhecer a cidade a gente voltou para o hotel onde a gente ficou na piscina e curtindo do hotel.
Na noite a gente foi jantar num restaurante onde a gente teve também uma festa, para a festa a gente vestiu a camiseta da viagem que a gente customizou do jeito que cada um queria.